Why Us?

Backed by industry leading training providers.

We have a well respected name throughout many sectors and we are rapidly growing. 

Our role is to take on the most daunting tasks our partners face, like admin duties, saving their time, allowing them to focus on what they do best which is being dedicated to giving outstanding training to our students.

 If we are yet to convince you, Training for people are here as aftercare support helping you get into work or solve any questions you may have along the way to your newly desired career.

Construction Courses

From Labouring training to Site Manager Safety Training (SMST) Our partners have an industry leading experience of 25 years.

SIA - Security

Our partners see’s our students starting in the security industry as operatives in Door Supervisors. to  Close Protection. 

Leading Internet Courses

We are partnered with the UK’s most trusted when it comes to helping your business grow. The Internet Business School.


The Locksmith training courses will be extremely beneficial for anyone setting up as a mobile Locksmith, setting up in business or just interested in the subject of Locksmithing.


At Training for people we believe everyone has the right to achieve their skill set and our recommended completely free online courses are perfect to help you do so.


We understand that in your current situation you may not have the time to go to a training centre. However we wont let that stop you! Here is a wide selection of courses that you can take in the comfort of your own home.

Popular Courses



If you have concerns regarding future work with your newly acquainted skills. Come back and speak with us and we will contact our database of partners for future full time employment.

*We respect your privacy in line with our Privacy Policy and only share your details,
should you wish to be contacted for future work. We are happy to pass your application on and you will be contacted by one of our industry leading professionals.

Partnered with industry leaders

We are partnered with the UK's best support system when it comes to providing training for our students.

Industry leading products

We have scoured the internet long and hard to find the best products for the job you do at the cheapest prices.

Group bookings
(Save ££ today)

We can arrange discounts whether you are bringing 1 friend or booking as part of your business. Off site or on site.

Secure Payments
(ssl Secure sERVER)

With encryption protected payments
(up to 256-bit) you can be sure you data and privacy is in the right hands.